Updated: 07:35am 15 June 2020

Despite the government’s recent easing of lockdown, allowing churches to reopen for private prayer, we regret that TBC is not able to open at present.

We are currently focusing on Sustain and our online content and so the building is set up to accommodate this, with only a minimum of staff working onsite. We look forward to seeing you when things change and in the meantime feel free to message us on Facebook if you’d like our private prayer group to pray for you.

Updated: 10:35am 17th March 2020

You will all be aware of the latest measures being introduced to help stop the spread of Coronavirus in the UK.

In response to this, TBC are taking the following action:

  • TBC Sunday services will not meet in the building until further notice. Instead, there will be a shorter service on our Live Stream which you can watch at 10am Sunday mornings. This will then be available to ‘Watch again’ at any time from our website.
  • All other TBC activities including Open House, day centre, mid-week communion and Brigades, will also stop after today, Tuesday 17 March.
  • The church building will only be accessible at certain times, so please do not turn up without prior arrangement.
  • The planned Easter meals will not take place. We are looking at other ways in which we can celebrate Easter.
  • We will be focusing on supporting our local community and so our priority is to help Jemma and team to reach those who require food and extra support.  If you feel that you can help with this, by bringing in food or delivering to those in need, please get in touch by email.

We want to remain in contact with you via regular emails during this time keeping you informed of life at TBC and suggesting other ways in which we can stay connected with each other.

To begin with, we would love it if everyone could set an alarm for midday each day and pray together. We will look to develop this further in coming days.

Small group leaders will be in touch to suggest ways in which your small group can support each other further.

For now, if you have any concerns or questions please do email us but be aware that we are managing a lot of calls and emails at the moment so may take a while to get back to you.

Love from

Neil & Dave
on behalf of the TBC COVID-19 Response Team

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