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“‘In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.”

Philippians 1:4-5

Whilst TBC has many activities in its local TN10 community, we also long to see lives transformed across the UK and globally.

We work closely with seven different organisations across the world that share this vision; our Mission Partners.

Beyond TN10 is a group that oversees TBC’s support of our partners, both spiritually and financially whilst promoting their work to the wider TBC family.


BMS Albania

The Romani and Egyptian communities in Tirana are marginalised and disadvantaged, living on rubbish dumps, many are unemployed. Dan, Annie and Mat are our BMS Link Missionaries who founded Tek Ura transforming lives in the local community. Suzanne is a teacher in a local school. After only four years they have established a physiotherapy clinic, a children’s education programme, a community centre, a church and advocacy for basic services for the community.

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Baptist Home Mission

The focus for TBC’s support is the pioneering work in North Kent.

Penny Marsh is building community in the new Ebbsfleet Garden City which includes Sunday Active: exercise, breakfast and a presentation on spiritual health from a Christian Perspective and weekly coffee mornings.

Dawn Turner lives in Northfleet North where she has started a small adult and kids’ churches. She is  CAP coach, is involved in the local food bank and uses her gardening skills to improve the local area.

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Fulani Ministries

Boureima and Susanna lead Fulani Ministries whose vision is to reach out to Fulani people across Africa with the Gospel through training church planters.  At the Jam Tann Centre they also give practical training in weaving and tailoring, there is a school and regular health days are held.  TBC gave the funds for a grain mill which has greatly improved the lives of the women in the village. Susanna also home schools their children.

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Oasis Belgium

Phil leads the team who help Thai and Indonesian women who have been trafficked to come out of exploitation and find community and employment.   Recently the scope of the project has widened to assist women who have immigrated to Belgium, who suffer violence at the hands of their partners. They also run a mobile coffee bar, reaching out to marginalised and isolated elderly people bringing community to them.  Rachel is a classroom assistant in a local school.

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Oasis India

Oasis India works among disadvantaged communities with initiatives in education, health, employment readiness in order to bring about change.  Their key focus is anti-human trafficking and they partner with local authorities to prevent children from being trafficked for labour or sex.  Andy’s role includes planning, staff training, fundraising, communications and organising the social enterprises. Joan’s role is a voluntary one which includes hospitality, English language teaching and office support.

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Stand By Me

Focussing on the poorest of the poor children, the aim is to keep the children with their families by emphasising education, food for children and families with HIV, child sponsorship, medical assistance.   A Team from TBC, initially all from the Burley Home Group, has undertaken 2-4 week trips every other year since 2009 to Bethany School, Bekoji, Ethiopia to undertake practical tasks to improve the lives of the children and their families. They welcome new members to their team.

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Mission Rwentobo

Aims to improve the lives of the villagers in Rwentobo, Uganda, most of whom are second generation refugees from Rwanda. After seeing the poverty and medical needs in 2014, the team planned and organised the funding, building and equipping of a clinic for the village and sick bay for the school as well as a resource centre used for teaching sewing and computer skills to pupils and adults.

The annual trips to Rwentobo include practical tasks, home and school visits and participating in local church services.

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