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Boureima and Susanna Diallo lead Fulani Ministries whose vision is to spread the Gospel amongst the Fulani people. Living across 19 African countries, the 25 million Fulani are one of the largest unreached people groups in the world. Much of the work is centred at the Jam Tan Centre in Burkina Faso, which trains Fulani Christians in discipleship and church planting, as well as serving the local community providing education at primary and secondary levels, a child sponsorship programme, health care at their recently built Clinic, poverty relief and practical skills training such as weaving, tailoring and carpentry.

Who are we?

Boureima and Susanna Diallo live near Ouagadougou with their 3 children. Boureima is originally from Burkina Faso, but became a believer while studying in the UK, where he also met Susanna. Shortly after their first child was born, they moved back to Burkina Faso to work among the Fulani people.

How is TBC supporting us?

  • Ongoing personal financial support
  • TBC offered a matched grant facility to help purchase and install Solar Energy panels for Jam Tan, thereby removing the biggest item of expenditure from their monthly outgoings and releasing finance to enable the work to expand
  • Regularly featured in TBC GLOBAL
  • Prayer


  • For continued growth in the number of churches planted
  • For safety – there is a very real threat from terrorist groups in increasing proximity to Jam Tan. Fulani pastors/Christians have been threatened and occasionally abducted
  • Praise God that even in the areas threatened by insecurity, church planters are witnessing to Christ and people are turning to Him
  • Persecution is common in Fulani families and many young believers struggle because of this. Pray for some encouragement in time of need, and appropriate practical support to help believers to grow in faith in Christ

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