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Mission Rwentobo is an intergenerational group made up of members of the TBC family and others that have developed links with Rwentobo, Uganda. Working with the World Shine Primary School, Mission Rwentobo TBC Teams have been to Uganda eight times since 2016 to lead projects including building work, healthcare clinics, sporting programmes, dance and drama lessons as well as participating in outreach programmes and teaching on safeguarding principles.

Who are we?

66 different members of the TBC family have visited Uganda as part of Mission Rwentobo with ages ranging from 13 to 76. The teams have primarily been organised by a core group of leaders with a passion to see the people of Rwentobo reached for Jesus and released from poverty and disease.

How is TBC supporting us?

  • TBC has been instrumental in the creation of Hope Clinic; the first and only community health clinic in Rwentobo. Mission Rwentobo has fundraised for, and overseen the building and development of the clinic, which is now managed by Kisiizi Hospital. A special grant has been made for emergency food parcels during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Whilst there are no immediate plans for a further trip to Rwentobo, TBC continues to support the Hope Clinic as it moves towards being a sustainable and integral part of its community
  • Prayer


  • For Hope Clinic to become sustainable in order to have long term impact within the community
  • For families affected by extreme poverty, particularly in light of COVID-19 which has left many needing emergency food parcels from the Clinic
  • That Rwentobo would be protected from Covid-19 despite the increased risk of infection spreading from surrounding countries. The Hospital and Clinic would be unable to cope with a substantial number of infections
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We are currently running a reduced online programme and supporting our community food bank Sustain. See our homepage for more details.