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About us

Mission Rwentobo is a registered charity founded by an intergenerational group of members of TBC and others who have developed links with Rwentobo, Uganda. Mission Rwentobo Teams have been to Uganda eight times to lead projects and build and establish Hope Community Clinic.  The charity supports the work of Hope Community Clinic, aiming to cover the cost of staff salaries, equipment and maintenance of the facility as well as promotion of a health insurance scheme which enables people to access healthcare not previously available to them.

Who are we?

66 different members of the TBC family have visited Uganda as part of Mission Rwentobo with ages ranging from 13 to 76. The teams have primarily been organised by a core group of leaders with a passion to see the people of Rwentobo reached for Jesus and released from poverty and disease.

How is TBC supporting us?

  • Supporting Mission Rwentobo Fund raising events.
  • Regularly featured in TBC GLOBAL
  • Prayer


  • For Hope Clinic to become sustainable in order to have a long term impact within the community
  • For Kisiizi Hospital who oversee the clinic
  • For continued financial provision to support the Clinic
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