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Annie and Dan Dupree lead ‘Tek Ura’ (‘at the bridge’) an Albanian charity working among some of the poorest and most marginalised people in Europe. They have established community centres in Tirana and also, recently, in Durres.  Their programmes include: cell churches; groups for children, elderly and community forums;  engagement with refuges through the nearby National Refugee Centre; sensory and Physio therapy groups; a home work club; English classes and Parenting Classes. A significant focus for Tek Ura is their work with 18–30 year old young Albanian men who seek to leave illegally, often for England. Tek Ura runs projects particularly focussed on enabling employment for young people who may otherwise take a dinghy from Calais.

Who are we?

Dan and Annie and their four children have lived in Tirana, since 2014 when they started the work of Tek Ura. Dan is a Baptist Minister, who has planted growing cell churches in Tirana and Durres.  Annie is a physiotherapist who founded the physio rehab clinic in the Tek Ura Centre in 2016.

How is TBC supporting us?

  • Ongoing financial support for the work
  • Regularly featured in TBC GLOBAL
  • Members of Beyond TN10 Group join their regular online “Closer” group
  • Prayer


  • For the new Centre in Durres as they reach out into that community
  • For the various programmes at their two Centres
  • For their work among young Albanian men
  • For the cell churches that have been founded
  • For ongoing financial support for the work

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