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Philip and Suzie serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Nigeria where there are over 500 languages. They are involved with Bible translation through linguistics and translation work. God is leading an unprecedented movement of local churches and communities to make the Bible available to all people in all languages. Wycliffe’s mission is to serve local partners worldwide as they bring God’s word to their communities in the language which speaks to them best.

Who are we?

Suzie, from Kent, and Philip, from the USA, met while serving with Wycliffe as singles in different projects in Cameroon, West Africa. They both had a passion for mission from a young age.

How is TBC supporting us?

  • Ongoing prayer support
  • Regularly featured in TBC GLOBAL


  • For continued good health
  • For lives to continue to be transformed by hearing God’s word in their own language
  • For God’s guidance in their ongoing work and projects being considered for the future.
  • For their learning of the Hausa language

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