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Lives being transformed

Our Vision

“We believe positive transformation comes from the infinite love of God, seen in the uniqueness of Jesus and experienced through the power of the Holy Spirit.”
Therefore, our vision of church is a family with:
Everyone welcome just as they are
Everyone involved in the transformation of themselves and each other
Everyone celebrating the presence of God in the every day

Our Values

Always leaning towards our TN10 community and beyond as we offer Jesus with no strings attached
Of God working in ways beyond our understanding
Investing in partnerships as we serve and learn from our TN10 community and beyond

Our Strategic Themes

In these three videos, lead minister Neil Durling explains our strategic themes at TBC – three things we want to invest in over the next few years to help make our vision and values a reality.

Strategic theme #1: equipping everybody to be responsible for their Christian growth.

Strategic theme #2: building small open communities to nurture stronger and genuine relationships.

Strategic theme #3 – to develop external partnerships to make a positive difference.

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Vision and values 2